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If you are preparing to relocate somewhere in Maple Ridge, undoubtedly, there is one thing on your mind: Moving Cost in Maple Ridge. Moving can be both physically and financially taxing. To help clear up any confusion or hesitations that come with the expense of relocating here’s a breakdown of all the elements involved in moving company charges – knowledge is power! Keep reading to discover what goes into an estimate provided by professional movers in Maple Ridge, BC so that you have greater insight when making decisions regarding your move.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Professional Movers? Uncover the Factors Influencing Your Moving Budget.


Cost To Hire Professional Movers

Distance of Your Move 

Due to their shorter timeframes, local movers are generally more cost-effective than long-distance and international ones. Moving within Vancouver typically costs around $150 – 200 per hour since local moves call for less planning and can be completed quicker. So if you’re looking to save some money on your relocation costs, then consider contacting the nearest local moving service provider!

Are you planning a local, long-distance or international move? Then, plan ahead and make each part of your relocation go smoothly. Get a no-obligation quote from Moving Company Maple Ridge today for stress-free moving!

Size of Your Home & Amount of Stuff

Regarding budgeting for your move, size matters a great deal. Most moving companies will give you an estimate based on the number of rooms in the place that needs to be moved; The more walls and furniture, the higher level of service required. To illustrate this point, consider how relocating a one-bedroom apartment would require fewer movers and take less time than if you were having all four bedrooms of your house packed up!

Moving items such as pianos, antiques, and safes are usually considered to be heavier or more awkward than usual. Although most moving companies provide a free estimate for you to weigh the cost of specialized moving services before committing to anything– some businesses may charge extra for these kinds of objects.

Average Moving Cost in Maple Ridge Will Depend on size of the move, time and no of movers

Size of Home (Approx Sq. Ft)
Estimated Time Required
Suggested Number of Movers
Bachelor/Studio (600 sq. ft.) 2-4 Hours 2 Movers
One Bedroom (600-750 sq. ft.) 3-5 Hours 2 Movers
Two Bedroom (700 – 1000 sq. ft.) 3-6+ Hours 3 Movers
Large Home (1200-1500 sq. ft.) 4-6 Hours 4+ Movers
Extra Large Home (2500-4000 sq. ft.) 8-10 Hours 5+ Movers

Storage Requirements 

Are you looking for a safe place to store your furniture while moving or relocating? Worry not! Numerous storage facilities cater to all of your storage needs. From spacious units suitable for large items, like couches and beds, to smaller compartments ideal for boxes – these services offer the perfect solution during transitions.

To ensure the safekeeping of your furniture, it is imperative to consider its size and the duration of storage and ambiance at a storage facility. With Moving Company Maple Ridge and other reliable moving companies, you can easily find short-term or long-term options that guarantee good climate control and strict security protocols. Taking some time to plan out what kind of place best suits your needs will ensure that your furniture stays secure.

Packing Services

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to pack when it comes time to move? Packing services can be an incredible helper, relieving stress and helping you save time and money. Companies that provide packing services will visit your home or office and take care of all the hard work for a nominal fee – from packing up everything to unpacking at their destination!

Moving locally may require fewer supplies as all of your items will remain in the truck; however, relocating across Canada can be much more complicated. To ensure that you know exactly how much packing and moving will cost you before moving day surprises arise, make sure to get an estimate first. Packing services are usually charged by the hour, and any additional materials used for packing up must also be considered when calculating costs.

Moving Boxes & Supplies 

To ensure a smooth move, be sure to plan ahead and collect the essential supplies such as boxes, tape and protective packing materials like bubble wrap or peanuts. Additionally, ensure your items have an insurance premium in case something becomes lost or damaged during transit. With all these preparations taken care of prior to departure, you can set off on your journey with peace of mind knowing that everything is secured for a successful relocation!

Summary Of Moving Cost

Summary of Moving cost to Hire Professional Movers

As you can tell, a multitude of variables factor into the final cost of your movers, including travel time, number of bedrooms, additional services required, insurance fees and supplies. Furthermore, don’t forget to show gratitude for their labour by tipping them – it is highly appreciated!

Make sure you get the most out of your budget by providing your chosen moving company with all the necessary details about your relocation (e.g., size of the house, distance, etc.). Additionally, ask if any other fees could apply to ensure you know the total cost before proceeding. Once everything is sorted and planned out properly – look no further than MOVING COMPANY MAPLE RIDGE for unparalleled home or office moving services!

Relocating to a new home can be expensive, but there are ways you can save money. You should do your due diligence when it comes to researching movers and their rates; this will give you an idea of how much the move is going to cost. By doing so, you’ll find the ideal moving company based on your budget. Don’t forget that lower prices don’t always equate with better service- in fact, cutting corners could lead to more problems down the road!

We’ve explained factors that affect how much movers cost, now you may be asking yourself:

Are you considering hiring a professional moving company?

When deciding if you should hire a moving company, there are many different variables to consider. Your financial situation needs to be taken into account as well – when money is tight, you may need to take on some of the chores yourself for it all to fit within your budget!

With the expertise and equipment, A reliable moving company can help make your move simple and stress-free. Don’t let the thought of packing up everything you own overwhelm you – trust us, there are plenty of reliable companies that offer competitive rates for any budget so that all your items arrive safely at your destination!

It could be worth your while if you have the financial means to hire professional movers. Doing so will ultimately give you a sense of serenity and comfort, as they possess the know-how and tools necessary to guarantee secure transport of all your items. Furthermore, their expertise allows them to complete moves much more quickly than if you did it by yourself. Additionally, should any possessions suffer harm along the way, they can provide coverage for that too!

Have you considered renting a truck for your moving needs?

When it comes to deciding between renting a truck and hiring a moving company, the choice depends on your budget and how comfortable you are with overseeing the move yourself. Although renting offers more control over when items get moved, it can be pricier than opting for professionals; nonetheless, employing movers may leave you feeling less in charge while also costing slightly less money.

Do you want to save money and risk the headache of coordinating friends and family for a move?

With their expertise in transporting bulky furniture and machines, plus the assurance that comes with insurance coverage for any damages during your move, it’s no surprise why individuals are increasingly opting to hire professional movers. Professional movers know how to pack items securely and arrange them properly on a truck while reducing the risk of damage. So if something does happen to your belongings along the way, you will be fully reimbursed by their policy.



Moving comes with many details and demands, but the biggest choice you’ll have to make is whether to bring in a team of professionals or rely on family/friends while renting a truck. To help guide your decision-making process here are some pros and cons of each option! you can carefully analyze them to see the benefits of hiring movers.


Professional movers are ideal for those who wish to save time and energy. Moving is no simple task, but with the help of a mover, all that hard work can be taken off your hands. Movers understand the process inside-out and will anticipate any potential problems you may face along the way. And since they’re experienced in maneuvering through tricky spots like stairs or tight doorways, you can rest assured that everything arrives just as it should – safe and sound!

Furthermore, various moving companies such as MOVING COMPANY MAPLE RIDGE can provide you with packing services in Maple Ridge. This is a great option if time constraints or the mere thought of packing are creating stress for you. Professional packers and movers possess experience in securely packaging delicate items so that your belongings arrive at their destination safely intact!

If you need it, most relocation experts offer storage services that come in handy when downsizing, renovating or between residences. Ask about their rates and options to get the most out of your experience! Professional movers are definitely the way to go if a smooth move is what you’re aiming for – soon enough, hiring them will be one of the best decisions made throughout this journey into your new home/renovation project.


Professional movers are certainly a great choice if you have the budget and time, however, there are several drawbacks to consider. For starters, they will likely be on a precise schedule with limited flexibility; even slight deviations could cost extra. Furthermore, their services can also be expensive- typically charging by the hour with an hourly minimum plus additional fees for things like stairs or large items – resulting in costly bills if you don’t limit your belongings!

When it comes to moving, you must always remember that your items will be managed by strangers who may not take the same level of care as you would. Thus, there is a potential risk that something could get lost or broken along the way. To guarantee protection and peace of mind during relocation, make sure to thoroughly inspect potential movers before signing any contracts with them – reputable and dependable movers are essential!

When selecting a company for relocation, local businesses are always the favored choice. Not only are they more personable and invested in their reputation, but if things go south you can easily reach out to someone who will be willing to help. At MOVING COMPANY MAPLE RIDGE, we believe that customer satisfaction is paramount! Carefully consider the benefits of hiring movers before making your final decision – it’s important to make sure it’ll be worth investing into this service.


Moving yourself has a considerable advantage: it is often more affordable than hiring professional movers. All you need to cover are the costs of renting a truck and purchasing moving supplies, such as boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. Additionally, if you have friends or family members available to lend a hand, you can save even more money on labor costs! If time permits and your physical condition allows it – doing it yourself might be an economical option when done properly.

Opting to move on your own offers you full autonomy over the process. You get to decide when and how it should be done, while simultaneously providing yourself a chance to declutter before packing everything away! Moreover, this is also an amazing opportunity for some physical activity – after all box-packing and furniture rearrangement can bring forth a plethora of calorie burners!


Despite the obvious convenience of moving yourself, there are downsides. It requires an immense amount of labor and dedication to complete–from packing up all your belongings, loading them onto a truck, driving it to its destination, then unloading again. Additionally, you’ll have to become a specialist in packing fragile items as well as getting large furniture through doorways without destruction or harm. Lastly, if something should not go according plan, there is no one else but yourself accountable!

Moving is no small feat and if you’re not cautious, it can also be arduous physical labor. From lugging around heavy items to packing up all of your possessions – it’s a job that will take its toll on your body. What’s more, moving already comes with enough stress as it is; however when done alone the moving can quickly become overwhelming. To avoid unnecessary strain and fatigue altogether, ensure you plan ahead before embarking on such an ambitious venture!

If you’re considering a DIY move, there is an abundance of factors to consider. First and foremost, ensure that the moving truck or van is spacious enough for your entire load. Then think about packing all your possessions in a way that prevents any damage during transit. Additionally, factor in the cost of fuel along with potential lodging expenses when relocating far away — if not planned accordingly this may become pricier than hiring professional movers! Always assess both advantages and disadvantages before making a final decision – although moving yourself can save money it certainly isn’t risk-free!


In the end, it comes down to examining your personal situation and weighing out the advantages and disadvantages. If cash-saving is what you value most, then do it yourself—just be ready for a day (or two) of hard work! But if comfort and assurance are more valuable than money, hiring professional movers could well be worth every penny.

Regardless of which route you choose, ensure that you allocate enough time to plan your move accordingly. If you decide on hiring professionals for the job, simply contact MOVING COMPANY MAPLE RIDGE and we will be more than pleased to assist in your home or office relocation! With us by your side, all goes effortlessly on a moving day.


READY FOR Moving in the Winter

Whether you’re relocating during a warm season or the chilly winter months, preparation is always key for making your move successful. Moving in the Winter has its advantages; however, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely, it’s important to be well-prepared before beginning your journey.

For a successful winter relocation, the moving experts at Moving Company Maple Ridge have crafted some simple tips. Taking advantage of these guidelines will ensure your move is seamless and plenty of rewards come with moving in the Winter.

5 Tips When Moving in The Winter

With these five simple tips, your cross-country or local move during wintertime will be a breeze! Prepare yourself for the journey ahead with these helpful hints:

Clear Paths Moving In The Winter

1.Clean and clear the road from the moving truck to your house

As you prepare to leave your current home in a snowy or wet climate, ensure an accessible pathway right up to the main entrance. Make sure that any snow on the ground has been cleared and ice melted before the moving truck arrives.

If Mother Nature throws snow or rain in your path on the day of your big winter move:

  • Come prepared with a shovel and de-icing products to make sure you can safely navigate snowy roads.
  • Make sure to clear the pathway of as much snow and ice as possible before your move, making it safer for you and your belongings.
  • To increase friction between the house and the loading ramp of the moving truck, place a thin layer of sand, cat litter or another surface-enhancing product.

On moving day:

  • If your pathway is particularly muddy, lay down some cardboard or plywood sheets to prevent further muck from accumulating.
  • Clear your designated moving path of all mud, leaves, clutter and other debris to ensure a safe and efficient journey.

2. Protect Your Carpets And Floors

Moving in the Winter, Mother Nature’s elements can really take a toll on your home. Water, ice and slush make it challenging to ensure that no dirt or grime is brought into your house – making floor protection especially important this season.

No matter how well you clean up outside, there will still be snow tracking inside – yet with the right strategies, you can protect yourself from any messes!

Protect Floors During Winter Moves

Protect your house with clean floor coverings:

  1. To begin, position a sturdy doormat right at the entrance of your home.
  2. Ensure the doormat remains firmly in place and will not shift or budge.
  3. For an extra layer of protection, consider strategically placing a larger doormat on the inside of your entryway.
  4. Urge family, friends and our Maple Ridge movers to take full advantage of the doormats.
  5. To protect your carpet, tile and wood flooring from harm, utilize sturdy materials such as cardboard, plastic runners and new tarps.
  6. All floor protectors must be firmly secured to ensure that our movers Maple Ridge are not in danger of tripping or slipping while moving. Some carpet guards come with teeth to grab the fibres and keep them secure, but if they don’t have this feature use small tacks to fasten cardboard onto your carpets.

Be prepared for any messes made during moving in the Winter by assembling a cleaning kit ahead of time. This should contain items such as a spray bottle, carpet cleaner, brushes, clean cloths or whatever else you may need to revitalize the floors once they have been marked up with dirt or mud.

This kit will easily restore your carpets and hard surfaces quickly and efficiently!

  1. Create a tranquil and cozy environment for your beloved children and animals.

As your movers load up the moving trucks, the doors of your home are likely left open. This could result in a chilly environment for elderly members or pets inside during cold months as heating systems may not maintain an adequate temperature level within the house.

Keep Children Warm During Moving

Therefore, it is important to take proactive measures and ensure all occupants stay warm while those belonging are being loaded into their new destination!

During moving in the Winter, make sure to secure cozy enclaves for your most vulnerable family members.

  • Invest in a babysitter to take your older children out for an entertaining movie experience!
  • Entrust a beloved family member to tend to your children for a few hours and enjoy some well-deserved time off.
  • If you find yourself without close family, consider utilizing the services of daycare centers for children, seniors and even your furry friends!
  • Reach out to your confidantes and colleagues for their recommendations on companies providing short-term caregiver services.

If you can’t find someone to watch over your pets and people, block off a part of the house when items are being loaded into the moving trucks. Provide blankets for children in this warm area and have everyone dress up in multiple layers of winter clothing.

Appoint an adult responsible enough to supervise what goes on inside, whether it be watching television, playing games, having meals or using portable heaters.

4. Securely double-wrap any fragile items to ensure their safe transport.

Extreme cold temperatures and unpredictable temperature swings can cause damage to the plastic, glass, porcelain, and other delicate items.

To ensure their safety from the elements when moving in the Winter, handle any articles made of plastic with caution when outdoors in frigid conditions. Double-wrap all fragile materials for a more secure barrier against wintry weather extremes.

To guard your goods, you can also rely on other forms of cushioning, such as bubble wrap. When you move to a new house, leave the boxes containing fragile items inside for several days before opening and utilizing their contents. That way, any temperature fluctuations caused by transportation won’t damage your belongings!

Double Wrap Fragile Items

5. Prepare your vehicle for a winter commute.

Let the professionals take over driving when you hire a Maple Ridge moving company. Allowing yourself to transport your vehicle from one home to another will provide immense relief!

It is essential to have your vehicle serviced before taking it on a long-distance journey in the winter months. Avoid the hassle of a breakdown by getting an inspection from your mechanic before relocation day.

Stay calm if you’re trying to make plans for a cross-country or cross-town move – keep your car running smoothly!

Before taking your Winter moving trip, make sure to request that your auto mechanic attends to the following services:

  • Ensure your vehicle’s essential fluids, such as antifreeze, are filled to the appropriate levels.
  • Ensure safety and peace of mind by equipping your vehicle with snow-ready tires.
  • Attend to the needs of your heater and fan promptly to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity.
  • Be sure to inspect both the defroster and windshield wipers for optimal performance.
  • To ensure the safety of your vehicle, regularly check and confirm that both headlights, taillights, and turn signals are functioning properly.

To ensure your safety while moving in the Winter, keeping an emergency roadside kit in your vehicle and a list of vital contact information at hand is wise.

What’s more, for added assurance during times of hardship or crisis, consider joining a reliable roadside assistance service specializing in tire changes, jump starts and tows – among other essential services.

8 Benefits of Moving in the Winter

Moving to your new home during the winter season has many rewards! Here are eight of those tremendous benefits:

  • Flexible moving dates. When moving in the Winter season, movers tend to be more accommodating with their availability. You may need to provide less advance notice, or your items might even arrive faster!
  • Less traffic. Thanks to the scarcity of cars and construction on the roads, travel can become more time-efficient depending on weather conditions.
  • Fewer homes on the market. During the winter months, there are typically fewer listings available in the market, and sellers tend to be eager to sell their homes.
  • Fewer buyers. With fewer people in the market for a home during Winter, buying a house often becomes more difficult. Consequently, most individuals opt to relocate when temperatures are milder and days longer.
  • Fewer loans and less paperwork. During the winter season, mortgage lenders are often faced with a decrease in loan applications, thus leading to fewer loans and paperwork being processed.
  • More time devoted to you. By relying on real estate professionals, you can rest easy knowing that your search for a new home is receiving the attention it needs and deserves.
  • Fewer fees. To remain active during the slower months, lenders may waive specific fees.
  • Bonus offers. When moving in the Winter, landlords are more eager to fill their vacant homes and apartments – so they offer enticing deals such as bonus offers, lowered rent or a reduced deposit.

Experience the Magic of a Winter Move with Bekins: Begin Your Relocation Today!

Are you planning a long-distance move this Winter? Look no further than Moving Company Maple Ridge! Our team of experienced moving professionals specializes in making your relocation as stress-free and successful as possible.

We collaborate with local movers all over the country, so whether you’re going near or far, we have you covered for your moving in the Winter. Get started on your journey today by requesting an free moving estimate!


In our many years of experience as a professional moving company, we have come across several myths that won’t seem to die. If you’re skeptical about hiring moving companies, we understand. Here are the top 10 myths about movers–and why they’re not true.

Top 10 Myths About Using Moving Companies Maple Ridge

Myth #1: Save Money By Moving Yourself.

Many people believe that self-moving is an excellent way to cut costs. And we understand why — relocating can be costly, and it’s easy to want to skimp on certain things.

However, DIY moving still requires funds — sometimes just as much as opting for a professional Maple Ridge moving company from the start.

Picky about which DIY moves to make—after all, the moving truck rental, gas prices, packing materials, and your time and physical energy are all important factors that shouldn’t be ignored.

If you need clarification on whether it’s better to move on your own or use professional Maple Ridge movers, check out our previous moving tips for more information.

Myth #2: Moving Companies Are All The Same

Be wary of conflicting offers from moving companies– some might inflate their services to ask for more money, while others undersell themselves to get the job. Please research a Maple Ridge moving company before hiring them by looking into reviews, testimonials, and prices.

For example, you would want to hire someone other than a Maple Ridge mover who has made local moves for a long-distance relocation. Make sure to do your research ahead of time.

If you need help deciding which questions to ask a potential moving company in Maple Ridge, our moving tips have got you covered!

Myth #3: Moving Companies Are All Scammers

Unfortunately, some dishonest movers out there might try to take advantage of you. For example, they may give you a low estimate upfront and then raise their price once your belongings are on the truck.

Or they might demand payment in cash instead of through official channels. Either way, it’s essentially holding your possessions for ransom.

While it’s unfortunate, cases like this do happen. They are different, though. Much like there are always a few rotten eggs in every profession, spoiling the bunch.

To avoid a situation like this, do your research before hiring anyone. Check their business rating with the Better Business Bureau and read customer reviews on popular sites such as Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List.

Myth #4: Almost Any Box Can Be Used For Packing

Don’t just grab any old box when you move – make sure it’s sturdy! We want your valuables to be protected from being crushed on the truck or break open while being carried.

While some moving companies, such as Maple Ridge Moving Company, provide boxes and other packing materials for your move, you can also find strong moving boxes from various sources.

Myth #5: Movers Can Move Everything

Some belongings are either unsafe or illegal for professional moving companies to transport. Examples of these items are:

• perishable or frozen food items

• plants

• hazardous materials

• explosives or ammunition

• flammable items (such as lighter fluid)

• valuables (such as stock certificates or jewelry)

• pets

Plan ahead by asking your Maple Ridge moving company about any items they may not be able to transport so that you are aware of the situation later.

Hire Maple Ridge Moving Companies

Myth #6: Weekends Are The Best Time To Make Your Move

It would be more convenient to move during the weekend, but that’s one of the worst times to do so. Why?

• Difficulty finding moving companies

• compromising on time slot

• rates will increase due to the high demand

By planning your move well ahead of time, you can avoid the weekend chaos and make a weekday move instead.

Can’t decide on the best time of year for your big move? Don’t worry; we have you covered. Check out here: “When Is the Best Time to Move?”

The best time of the year to move is off-season.

Control over your moving date largely depends on external factors, such as how long it takes to sell your current home or when your lease expires. Of course, you can always negotiate with your landlord for an early release from your lease if you need to move sooner.

The most expensive time to move is May through September, but if you plan your relocation for October through April, you could save a good deal of money.

The best time of the month to move is mid-month.

More people move at the beginning and end of each month because most leases start or end around those times. If you have some flexibility when moving to your new place, consider choosing a date in the middle of the month.

You’re more likely to get a lower price on your move if you’re willing to do it during the slower mid-month period.

The best time of the week to move is weekdays.

Moving during the weekdays (Monday through Thursday) is often ideal because Maple Ridge movers are usually booked on weekends.

Lower rates might be available from moving companies during the week. If you don’t see lower rates advertised, ask your movers if they are able to give you a discount for choosing a less busy day.

The best time of the day to move is the morning.

By starting your move early in the morning, you and your movers will be relatively fresh. This is especially important during warmer months when the heat can quickly become unbearable later in the day.

In addition to finishing earlier, an early start also allows you time to settle into your new place and begin unpacking.

Myth #7: Something Always Gets Lost or Broken.

Usually, veteran movers don’t damage or lose any of your belongings during the move. To make sure that your stuff is always handled with care and arrives intact, our Maple Ridge moving teams only use certified methods.

Although accidents are not common, they can happen. Be sure to explore your coverage options with your Maple Ridge movers and your home insurance company so that you have adequate protection against any potential mishaps.

Myth #8: Moving Companies Insurence Protects Everything

Moving companies are legally obligated to provide all their customers with a certain level of basic coverage, but this only applies to $0.60 per pound per article. This might not be sufficient protection if you’re moving high-value items like TVs, jewelry, or designer clothes.

Moving is a stressful enough time – be sure to check that your homeowner’s insurance policy covers you during the move. If you need clarification on something, always ask questions and review your coverage options so that you understand them.

Mark Your Fragile Boxes

Myth #9: There Is No Need To Label Boxes

Yes, it does take a few more minutes to label each box with the corresponding room name. However, you will save time and energy in the long run if everything is sorted beforehand.

A color coding system can be helpful as well. For instance, you could put a green sticker on all boxes containing kitchen items and also place a coordinating sticker in the actual kitchen to guide the Maple Ridge movers.

If you are willing to put in a little extra effort for the organization, it will be helpful to make an inventory of what is in each box (at least the important ones). This way, when you go to unpack, you can reference the list.

Remember to mark your fragile boxes with an indicator!

Myth #10: Moving Is Always Going to be Stressful.

Of all the misconceptions surrounding moving, this is the largest one. With a little pre-planning, your move can be a smooth process. Instead of waiting until the last minute and trying to do everything at once, break it down into smaller tasks that you can complete over time.

Hiring professional moving companies will save you a lot of time, effort, and stress.

Doorways and corners may seem like no big deal, but furniture undoubtedly disagrees. Many factors come into play that the average person is unaware of– clearances, weight distribution, the center of gravity– which is why it’s always best to hire furniture movers or moving companies for the job.

Our office moving checklist is perfect for you if you’re looking to move without any stress! Our list details what needs to be done six to eight weeks before the big day, all the way down to Moving Day itself.

Hire a Maple Ridge Moving Company!

Our certified Maple Ridge movers have relocated homes and businesses throughout BC and Canada. If you’re planning a move, let us know for a free quote!


How Much Do Furniture Movers In Maple Ridge Cost?

Typical Range:

$70 – $610

On average, it costs $180 to move furniture in-house or within the same building. Costs for furniture movers in Maple Ridge typically range from $70 to $400 but could be as high as $610, depending on what needs moving and where it’s going.

This will affect the price if the furniture pieces need to go upstairs or if multiple items are being moved.

Average Furniture MoverS Costs

Average cost: $180

High cost: $610

Low cost: $70

Cost to Move a Couch

Moving furniture varies, but a couch costs around $200 to $610. If your couch is a five-piece sectional and weighs 1,200 pounds or more, you can expect to pay closer to the higher end of that price range.

Cost to Move a Sofa and Love Seat

If you need to move a sofa or loveseat, it will cost approximately $200-$350 or more. The average loveseat weighs 220 pounds, while the typical sofa weighs 350 pounds.

Cost to Move a Queen Mattress

Moving a queen mattress within your home will cost about $70. If you need to relocate your entire bedroom set—frame, mattress, nightstand, and dresser included—it’ll be approximately $70 to $250.

Cost to Move Heavy Equipment

Household items like refrigerators and gun safes can weigh anywhere from 200 to 600 pounds. Moving these heavy items costs an average of $280 to $610.

Furniture Weight in Pounds

Average Cost

250 – $200

400 – $280 – $300

600 – $350 – $370

Moving Pool Tables

Depending on the size and frailty of your pool table, it could cost anywhere from $200 to $600 to move. If you have an extra fragile pool table, like one that’s antique or made of marble, expect to be on the higher end of that price range.

Also, if your table is 9 feet long instead of 8 feet standard, it will add to the final cost.

Hiring furniture movers Maple Ridge specializing in moving pool tables is a good idea because it takes expertise and the right tools to disassemble, reassemble, and level the table.

Sometimes, these Maple Ridge moving companies offer additional services on top of moving the table, so you can even get your pool table re-felted and re-cushioned.

Piano Moving

Moving a piano to another spot in your house usually costs around $100 to $300 or more. And, like with pool tables, only those with experience should attempt to move pianos.

If you need the piano moved between different floors, the cost will be closer to the higher end of that price range; if that’s the case, it would be best to hire professional piano movers in Maple Ridge.

Pianos have a lot of parts – usually over 12,000. They’re also fragile and oddly shaped, which makes them difficult to move around. The average piano weighs 750 pounds, but some can weigh up to 1,400 pounds.

Maple Ridge Furniture MoverS Prices or Hourly Rates

Maple Ridge Furniture Movers Prices

The average cost of hiring two furniture movers Maple Ridge is $90 per hour, although this figure can range from $50 to $130 depending on various factors.

These include the number of stairs involved, whether any items are oversized, and if special lifting equipment is required. In some cases – for example, if you have multiple large pieces or lots of smaller things – it may be necessary to hire more than two people.

Before you call professional furniture movers Maple Ridge, remember that most charge a minimum fee. Typically, an hour of their time is the bare minimum. With this in mind, plan accordingly so you save money.

For example, if you only need help moving furniture in one room, it will take one to 1 1/2 hours, while packing everything into storage could take three to eight hrs, depending on the size of your home.

Moving Furniture Cost Factors

A few primary factors affect the cost of moving furniture in your home, such as the size and shape of your pieces, how many stairs you have, and if any special equipment is required.

Furthermore, many furniture movers Maple Ridge charge more money depending on how many staircases they must walk up and down. This is because moving furniture up and down flights of stairs takes additional time, which also requires extra caution.

Reasons to Hire In-Home Furniture Movers Maple Ridge

Many people plan to spend money on professional movers Maple Ridge when they figure out the cost of moving. Still, there are also several advantages to hiring help for moving furniture within your house.

Professional furniture movers Maple Ridge can complete the task promptly and efficiently. There are many benefits to hiring a professional Maple Ridge moving company for help, particularly when moving large or delicate items.

Move Furniture During Remodeling

Painters are unlikely to move your furniture for you, no matter the project. If you’re repainting or remodelling, plan accordingly and factor in how your furniture will need to be moved.

Place wall-based pieces to the side and bring any furniture to the center of the room to avoid obstacles for painters and potential spills.

On the other hand, if you’re planning major renovations like working on the flooring, knocking down walls, adding rooms, and more, you’ll need to relocate your furniture temporarily.

Furniture Movers Maple Ridge can help you by moving your furniture into an unused room or garage where it will be out of harm’s way during construction.

Instead of struggling to move your old furniture back into your newly remodelled home, why not let the professionals do it? The cost of hiring a moving company is often worth it for people who want to avoid the hassle and stress.

Furniture Moving When Staging Your House

If you’re hoping to sell your home, clearing out any clutter and furniture that might make potential buyers feel cramped is the best practice. You could also bring in a professional staging company near you with their own furniture and decor to help prospects see the space’s full potential.

Oversized and Overweight Furniture

Heavier items are not only more challenging to move, but they also require more caution. Even if you have help lifting these larger pieces, one false move could cause serious damage–especially when going up and down stairs.

Hiring professional furniture movers to care for your more significant, heavier pieces can avoid potential problems. This is also great for precious items such as antiques or family heirlooms.

DIY vs. Hiring a Moving Company

DIY vs. Hiring a Moving Company

Though you’ll save money by moving your furniture, most pieces are too heavy to be carried alone.

While you may be able to find friends or family to help, make sure not to put too much on their plate. If you’re only moving a few pieces around the same floor, chances are that you can do it without anyone’s assistance.

If you need to move oversized or difficult furniture, it’s best to call a professional Furniture Movers Maple Ridge. This is especially the case if any pieces need to go up or down stairs.

Furniture and accidental home damage are more common than you might think among people who move frequently. Furthermore, some people may hurt themselves when lifting something too heavy or strain a muscle while navigating furniture through a narrow hallway.

Maple Ridge Movers, who have extensive experience, can finish the job a lot faster. They are also insured if any damages are done to your belongings, home, or movers during the move.

And more often than not, they will come with their own equipment, which you might not have access to otherwise, like doilies, straps, and moving blankets.

FAQs For Furniture Move

How many people do you need to move couch parts?

Typically, you will need two furniture movers to transport a standard couch that weighs between 50 and 240 pounds. However, many couches on the market weigh much more than this.

For example, a four- to six-piece sectional can weigh anywhere from 250 to 1,540 pounds. In these cases, you’ll need three or more local furniture movers to get the job done.

What is the average cost for furniture delivery?

On average, it costs $170 to deliver furniture locally and $450 shipped cross-country. Often, companies will not remove old furniture as a part of their delivery service.

Having extra hands around is always useful when you’re expecting a furniture delivery. Many companies will only drop off your items at the curb or entrance of your home, but some will also help with set-up and assembly.

What does it cost to move furniture across the country?

The cost of moving your furniture from a four- or five-bedroom home across the state varies depending on the distance between your old and new house and the number of furniture pieces you have, but you can expect to pay around $1,000 to $1,500.

It’s time to take inventory of the furniture you want to keep and get rid of anything you don’t need or want. This is an excellent opportunity to make some extra cash by selling your old pieces!

What does it cost to move furniture across the country?

Depending on the size and quantity of your furniture, moving it to another province can cost anywhere from a couple thousand to ten grand. For example, shipping a buffet table would set you back $400 to $500, while transporting a couch would be $350 to $1,000.


Complete Office Move Guide By Moving Butlers

If you’re a working professional, chances are you know how important it is to have a dedicated space to get work done. When it’s time for your office move, ensure the process is quick and easy by following these helpful tips from the pros.

Office relocation is often more stressful than house moving, as there are more factors to consider and keep track of. You need to plan and prepare carefully to have a successful office move.

Moving your business to a new location is always exciting. Getting an office bigger and more excellent than the last one means that your company is doing well and that your employees will be happy with their working conditions.

Before achieving any of these goals, the office must successfully relocate. Doing sure the business is uninterrupted is crucial, despite an ongoing office move. Hire professional movers in Maple Ridge with commercial moving experience to ensure a smooth transition.

Before your commercial relocation, creating a commercial moving checklist is essential, no matter how close or far the distance. This will help alleviate many potential problems during the office move.

This post will be your guide to ensure a smooth office move. Below is a list of items that should be included in your plan.

Office Moving Checklist

Having a moving checklist for your upcoming office relocation gives you a sense of security and control.

Moving is difficult enough, so be sure to make a checklist of everything you need to do in order, including an inventory of your office belongings, casting aside non-essentials, setting up a relocation committee, arranging with interior designers, and contacting cross-country moving companies.

1. Develop a Timeline

The most critical dates on the business calendar should be when you plan your relocation. Write down and remember all of the deadlines related to the moving timeline. You should also consider the expiration date of your current lease agreement.

The manager in charge of the property should be aware of the upcoming moving date. Also, inform all employees and suppliers about this scheduled date.

2. Assign Tasks and Set up a Relocation Committee – Optional

Having your staff’s input is crucial for a successful commercial move. The relocation committee will not only make sure employees are comfortable with the transition, but they will also assist you in planning and executing your office move.

Oversee the tasks and assignments assigned to each committee member as the relocation progresses. Assign some of the tasks to your employees and add them to the list.

Announce Your Office Move

3. Announce the Relocation

Depending on the number of employees in your office, you can deliver news of the office move through a presentation at town hall, detailed email, short video, or newsletter segment.

Regardless of what method you choose to relay your announcements, do so in detail. Your employees must know all the required information for an upcoming office move. Thoroughly communicating with them will make it easier to plan and execute each phase of the office move.

As you create your timeline for the announcement, include any required items. For example, if you tell your employees they will receive an office moving checklist before your office move, creating and distributing a moving checklist must be on the timeline.

Below is a checklist for your relocation announcement:

  • Name and address of the new office
  • Relocation date/dates
  • The new office features that matter
  • Reasons why the relocation is necessary
  • Employees’ roles during the move (if any)
  • Any relevant information employees will receive regarding the upcoming relocation.

Prepare an Internal and External Communication Plan

During a commercial relocation, it is key to maintain communication lines by furnishing employees will all the information they need to do their jobs, and informing customers, clients, and suppliers of what changes are coming.

As the announcement date nears, reach out to employees and get their feedback on different aspects of relocating or the new office space. This way, you can see what easily manageable factors you can include in your moving planning process, such as:

  • To change your workspace, you’ll need some essentials: privacy screens, standing desks, lamps, and more.
  • Equipment such as replacements for cracked screens and broken keyboards, among others.
  • Some employees have requested a change to the sit order so we will change it.
  • How they prefer to work if given multiple options
  • Preferred office design or recommendations
  • Learn more about the weight and relocation restrictions before your big move.

Communication can be done in many ways, such as:

  • Through departmental or divisional managers
  • Through survey
  • Direct meeting if it’s a small company
  • Through the company’s email
  • Through the company’s internal Facebook group

Develop a plan to send more information out after the initial communication. Your office move might require you to send information monthly before the moving day. To ensure timely information delivery, enlist the help of your company’s internal communication team (if one exists).

Visit the New Space

Visiting the new office space is crucial before making your office move. If painting is needed, hire a professional painter in advance.

Manage the construction of your partitions, office desks, and cubicles carefully. Hire a carpenter to handle any changes to the wall or flooring. Make sure to identify where electrical outlets will be positioned.

Use this opportunity to also figure out how much furniture each space can hold, like the lobby or reception. Not only that, but decide where you will place the furniture in these areas.

Create an Inventory List and get rid of Unnecessary Items

For a successful office relocation, it is important to eliminate any items that will not be useful in the new space. This may include broken furniture, shelves, and décor that cannot be used or repurposed. You can donate or discard these items before moving to your new office.

After you are finished using official documents, don’t just throw them away- shred them. You can also donate any extra office equipment to charities. This way, you can keep track of your belongings as you move by creating a checklist.

Make a comprehensive list of all company furniture and assets employees use before relocating, and keep a physical copy for the business.

1. Hire Professional Movers and Packers as required

Hiring a good moving company in Maple Ridge should be one of your top priorities after taking inventory of your items. Ask one of your employees to develop a list of 5 Maple Ridge moving companies and conduct thorough research before making a final decision.

Before you hire a professional moving company:

  • Be sure to request moving quotes from several companies.
  • Determine your budget.
  • Understand the services each company offers.

Consider hiring professional packers if your relocation budget allows for it.

This will make packing easier for you, as Maple Ridge professional packers handle those fragile and heavy items. You can also have each employee pack their desks or offices so they can discard items they are no longer using.

2. Prepare the New Space

Businesses that are situated near other companies that are relocating may be heavily affected, especially if the offices block driveways or parking garages during the process.

If your business will temporarily obstruct driveways, it is only courteous to notify the companies in the surrounding area beforehand. You’ll want operations to start as soon as your employees arrive.

Before your office move day, set up utilities like gas, electricity, phone and water. Also, schedule waste management services and make arrangements with utility companies for any needed installations or connections.

Make sure it’s easy to access the loading and unloading zones at your current and new offices before moving day.

Moving companies in Maple Ridge will have an easier time if they can access emergency exits, elevators, or loading docks. Request access from building management before your office move.

3. Choose a Moving Out Cleaning Service

If your relocation company still needs to send someone to do the cleaning, you’ll need to unless your building management will handle it.

If you’re unsure about the building’s cleaning policy, double-check with management to avoid being charged—you don’t want to end up paying for services you didn’t receive or that were unnecessary.

Office Moving Checklist

4. Mark-Out the Boxes to ensure each Item goes to the Right Place

To make your life–and the lives of your potential office move–easier, it is advised that you label each box with where it should go in the new office. You can use any labelling system you want if the labels on each box match the corresponding areas in the new office.

For example, you can give each employee a number and each team a colour. Then, every office section should have tape corresponding with the team’s colour and employee spaces marked with their number. Lastly, give employees labels, including their colour and number, to put on their moving boxes.

5. Meet with the Moving Company to Review Your Office Move

As the day of your office move draws nearer, stay in close communication with your Maple Ridge moving company. Schedule a time to review the floor plans and furniture placement with them so that everyone knows what to expect on moving day. Waiting until the day of will only result in frustration for all involved.

Hold a walk-through of the office space with your employees before or on the day you move in so that they feel comfortable in their new work environment. Address any questions or concerns they might have.

What Does It Cost To Move An Office?

We all need to save money when possible, including during something as expensive as moving an office. Having a budget handy will help ensure that you spend your money wisely on your office move.

Understanding the related costs and managing a budget is critical for success when moving an office.

The cost of relocating your office depends on several factors, such as the new location, market conditions, and preferred office space.

To budget accurately for your office move, you must be up-to-date on the latest information regarding office rents, service charges, and business rates.

Details of Office Moving Costs Estimate

Knowing where each potential cost comes from is crucial, as you already understand the factors that affect your pricing. Although not every expense relates to your office move; however, most of them could include the following:

  • Ultimately, it will cost you somewhere between $750 to $4,500 to move an office space that is 1,500 square feet large. Several factors, such as furniture, materials, and disassembly, come into play when deciding how much the total cost will be.
  • It would cost an office space of 3,000 square feet, about $1,500 to $9,000, to relocate based on the furniture and files.
  • The cost of relocating an office space with about 10,000 square feet could be as low as $5,000 or as high as $30,000 based on the number of employees and workstations. The average cost per employee is estimated to fall between $50 and $250.

You will be charged extra for services such as carrying boxes through elevators, data lines, packing, and relocating cable, computer, or phone cables. Tipping your relocation Maple Ridge movers is also appreciated.

The cost of new furniture for each employee sits at around $200 to $2,000, with a computer running you about $300 to $3,000, while phones are relatively cheaper, costing only $100 to $1,000. It would be best if you also considered packing expenses that cost anywhere from$.75 up to $1 – $2 per square foot for office relocation.

Packing can be done in two ways: hire professional Maple Ridge packers to do it after hours or have your employees do it during work hours. The first option won’t interfere with your business operations, but hiring a professional packing service in Maple Ridge will cost money – here are some average prices.

Office Move based on the Truckload Average

The price for loading services will depend on multiple factors, such as the number of workers needed, the time it takes to load, and the difficulty level. On average, this service costs $500-$1,500 per load.

It will cost an average of $100 per hour for three movers or $150 for two trucks with four movers. It will cost between $50 and $250 – or more – for an office relocation based on the number of employees.

Packing Office Supplies

You can make packing and relocation easy for your business by having a proper plan, putting safety and organization first, and hiring a professional mover and commercial storage when required.

Use the tips below to make your commercial move go as smoothly as possible:

1. Get good packing supplies:

Moving your business to a new location requires careful planning and coordination to ensure that all your expensive equipment and supplies arrive safely.

To protect your possessions and keep them tidy, you must invest in quality packing materials before office moving.

You’ll need essential packing supplies for your business relocation, including bubble wrap, clear zip-locked bags, heavy-duty packing tape, permanent markers, and strong cardboard boxes. Be sure also to have plenty of labels and pens for easy labelling.

2. Labelling:

Organization is key when you’re packing for a move. Labelling each box will help you keep track of your belongings as you pack and make it easier to find items when you’re setting up at the new office.

A label-based numbering system is key when working with a Maple Ridge moving company, as this will ensure that your belongings are safe during the move.

It will be easier to file a claim for lost or damaged belongings if you number your boxes with a short description of the items inside them. You can also number each employee’s workstation, so their stuff is always in the right place.

3. Tips for Packing Your Computers and Cables:

Computers are expensive and easily broken, so handle them carefully during your company move. Following these packing instructions and using the proper materials can protect your computers from damage during your office move.

Cover your computers with heavy blankets and use packing tape to ensure they’re securely in place. Avoid stacking them on top of or underneath other objects.

Always read warning labels and instructions to follow the proper way to relocate. You might damage your belongings or violate the warranty agreement if you don’t.

4. Prevent damage to monitors:

To avoid damage to your computer monitors:

  • Wrap each individually in moving blankets, bubble wrap, or tape.
  • Avoid placing monitors in boxes, as they can break if there is too much space around them.
  • Don’t let the monitor come into contact with the tape itself, as this could damage the screen.

5. Keep your data secure:

The data stored on your computer is valuable, and there are many ways to protect it. The best way to protect the hard drives is by parking them, which physically prevents damage by lifting the head of the hard drive from the disk platters.

The best way to store your data is either on an external storage device or in a cloud database as a backup before you move.

6. Depending on their size and fragility, some cables may require extra attention during the move.

Remove all cables from your computers before commercial moving to avoid frustration, time-wasting, and possible damage.

To stay organized, put each labelled cord in a zip-locked bag, so it’s easy to find when you arrive at your destination.

7. Office Chairs:

Office chairs are often in abnormal shape, which makes them difficult to pack. Disassemble your office chairs and wrap the fragile parts in bubble wrap or thick blankets. This will save you space and help avoid breakage.

8. Storage:

Before packing up file cabinets and shelving units, take inventory of the items inside and decide what you need to keep or get rid of. Once you’ve decluttered, consider removing shelves (if possible) to make more space for other things. To avoid having drawers fall open during your office move, be sure to tape them shut securely.

9. Work surfaces:

Before stacking desks and other work surfaces into the relocation truck, remove everything that can be taken out, like drawers. Also, avoid placing items on glass surfaces or protect them by packing them individually. If some drawers cannot be removed, tape them shut.

10. Insure and invest:

Accidents can always happen regardless of how carefully you pack and relocate your office. Invest in insurance coverage to protect your belongings in case of an unexpected accident. If you rent a moving truck, get rental insurance as well.

Hire a reliable and professional moving company with insurance for your belongings. Check if your possessions are under any warranty, as this will safeguard your investment in case of an accident.

Office Movers Maple Ridge

Conclusion: Office Moving Maple Ridge

Partnering with a professional moving company in Maple Ridge and effective communicating are keys to reducing the stress and risk associated with relocating your office. 

Planning ahead is the best way to ensure everything goes smoothly on moving days. Before you move into your new space, you will need to talk to utility companies in advance to set up things like electricity, water, and gas.



Use these 10 hacks to make your move a breeze.

If the thought of moving stresses you out, know that you’re not alone. With so much to do and seemingly little time to do it, relocating can be daunting. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Check out these 10 tips for making your move a breeze.


Moving is a huge undertaking, but you can make it less daunting by getting organized and starting to work on your list as soon as possible. The more time you have to investigate different companies and find the one that’s right for you, the less stressed you’ll become on moving day.

To avoid being pressured into using an illegitimate or inadequate service, Also avoid getting contact just for a moving truck. Start getting organized for your move as soon as possible. Whether it is going to be a local residential move or a long distance move. use this moving checklist to help you plan and execute a successful relocation.


When you’re moving homes or offices, it’s important to hire professional movers to help with the heavy lifting. It may be tempting to try to do everything yourself, but professional movers can make your life a lot easier. They have the experience and expertise to move your belongings safely and efficiently, often in less time than it would take you. In addition, they can provide valuable guidance on packing and unpacking your belongings so that everything arrives at your new home or office in one piece.

It’s highly advantageous that you book your movers in Maple Ridge well in advance of your moving date if you are moving out. First, seek recommendations from friends or family who have recently moved. If that’s not possible, look for reviews online. After finding a few companies with good ratings, get quotes so you can compare the prices before making a decision about which mover to hire. By taking the time to carefully choose professional movers early on, you can make sure your move is smooth and low-stress overall. The average costs of moving in Maple Ridge can be found here if money is a primary concern for you when choosing between different options.


The next step is to order packing materials like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape. This will make it less complicated and quicker to pack your stuff up. In addition to boxes, you might need other moving supplies such as furniture pads or shrink wrap for mattresses. Ordering more than the estimated amount of BOXES is always a good idea in case you miscalculated the number needed originally. Labeling each box with its destination room or what’s inside can also be very helpful when unpacking at your new place later on down the road!


Take some time to declutter your home before you start packing for your move. This is a great opportunity to get rid of furniture you don’t need or want. Having less stuff will make moving much easier and less expensive because it’s one less thing to worry about when you’re trying to settle into your new home.

Decluttering may seem like an additional and unnecessary step in the moving process, but it will actually make your move far less stressful. Create a list of everything that goes into each box as you declutter; this way, you’ll know exactly what is supposed to be in each box and where it should go when you’re unpacking. This extra measure will also help if anything gets lost or damaged during the journey to your new home.

10 Hacks for Moving


One of the greatest packing tips for moving is that before the movers come, double-check that all your boxes are packed and ready to go, including everything from appliances to dishes to sheets. It’s not ideal if you’re still packing when they arrive because it will make the move take longer and cost more money.

By packing the non-essentials first, you can take your time and ease into the task. This way, when it comes to packing up your essentials closer to moving day, you’ll feel relaxed and prepared. If want an easy move without all of the hassles, we have a packing and unpacking service which will do it for you so that you can focus on other details.


When you include kids and pets in your move, it becomes more complicated. One way to make the process less stressful is by making arrangements for someone to watch your children and/or animals. With everything else going on, it can be tough to keep an eye on them too. This also guarantees that they will be cared for properly and not get into any accidents or trouble. All in all, it is best for everyone if these important members of your family are looked after while you’re busy moving


Even if you’ve hired professional movers, it’s in your best interest to remain present on moving day so any potential problems or questions can be handled then and there. Plus, being there when they’re unloading the truck allows you to guide them as to where everything goes in your new home. That’ll save you from the headache of having to move furniture and boxes by yourself later down the road. Although no one method exists that eliminates stress during a move, remaining for the duration will undoubtedly make it go more smoothly overall.”


An essential but often overlooked task is to secure parking before your move, particularly if street parking is limited where you live. Save yourself a headache on moving day by scopeing out an area on your block in advance, or talking to your building management about their policies. If you’re not driving yourself, be sure to also book the elevator so that everyone can get where they need to go without long delays. A little planning goes a long way toward making moving day as smooth as possible!

Be there On The Moving Day


The last thing you’ll want to do after a big move is clean. But by hiring cleaners to deep-clean your old place after you’ve moved out, and then again at your new place before you move in, you can make the entire moving process a lot less stressful. Not only will it save you from having to tackle everything yourself – including packing, unpacking, and finding all those missing items in between

– but it will also give both places that much-needed once-over so they’re sparkling clean and ready for immediate occupancy. Most professional cleaning services can even be scheduled for the day of your actual move (in most cases), which means one less thinkto worry about while everything else is going on around you. So if you’re moving across town or across the country, sit back and relax: we’ll take care of the dirty work for you!


Remember to tip your movers! They work diligently to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible, and they definitely deserve a reward for their efforts – especially if you’re happy with the job they did.

A solid rule of thumb is $20-$25 per person for a half-day’s work, and $40-$50 per person for a full day. If they had to deal with stairs or particularly heavy furniture items, you might want to give them a little extra. This will help ensure that your movers are fairly compensated for all their hard work.

For more guidance on how much to tip your movers specifically, check out this helpful guide.


Follow these tips to make your move as seamless and stress-free as possible. Important things to do include hiring professional movers, taking inventory, decluttering, and packing ahead of time. And when you’re ready to take the plunge, reach out to MOVING COMPANY MAPLE RIDGE for assistance with your home or office move!


Unsure of where to start when it comes to hiring a mover with all the options in the Maple Ridge Area? With over 100 companies, it’s tough to know which ones are the trusted movers.

Reliability, affordability, and trustworthiness are only a few factors you should keep in mind while searching for the full service moving company. The most important aspect of any mover is whether or not you can entrust them with your belongings. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell which movers fit this criteria. Worry not! We have provided some great tips below on how to discern between trustworthy and untrustworthy movers.


The phrase “you get what you pay for” has never been more accurate than when applied to moving companies. Although every mover in Maple ridge prices its services uniquely, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the cheapest option isn’t always the best one. You can get free quotes from many reliable moving companies.

It’s vital to have a budget for your move, but don’t underestimate potential candidates. Reliable movers work hard and deserve to be paid well; however, that being said, there are often deals for those willing to do their research. Smaller moves usually cost less than large-scale moves (i.e., an entire home), so keep that in mind when narrowing down your search.

Moving an entire household is no small task, so be sure to do your research before hiring a moving company. Many variables will affect the price quoted by different companies, so make sure you ask the right questions to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

  1. Are my floors protected during the move?
  2. What supplies are used during move day to protect my belongings?
  3. Is the disassembly and assembly of my furniture included?
  4. Will the movers place my items in the desired rooms at my new home?
  5. Are there extra fees for the truck?

It’s crucial to ask these questions when you’re getting quotes from different moving companies. You want to be sure that your chosen company provides all of the services you need and is willing to meet any special standards you have. Of course, price is always a major factor in decisions like this.

Be sure to get multiple quotes and compare offers before making a final decision.

5 Easy Steps To Find A Reliable Mover

REVIEWS ARE EVERYTHING about trusted movers

One of the best ways to determine if a moving company is trustworthy is by checking out their online reviews and testimonials from past customers. Many Maple Ridge movers have websites where previous clients have left feedback about their experiences with the company.

If the price is not your main concern, reviews can give you an insight into the quality of work this company does. Always look at good reviews, but try to get them from sources other than their website and Google, as these might be biased.

In addition to checking out their website, do a quick search on Google or Yelp for reviews from external sources. This can help get a well-rounded understanding of what it’s like to work with the company.

It’s important to remember that not all negative reviews are indicative of a bad mover;

Home stars is an excellent website to find local moving companies that have been vetted by other customers. You can read reviews written by people who have used the company’s services before, which will give you a good idea of what to expect. In addition to reading online reviews, try asking your family and friends if they know anyone who has used a moving company in the past. They may be able to provide you with insights or recommendations based on their own experiences. Ultimately, referrals are always your best bet when it comes to choosing the right service provider for your needs.


Of course!!

Unlike many other businesses, the moving and storage industry in Maple Ridge BC, Canada is not regulated by any level of government. Most professional movers today are proud members of the Canadian Association of Moving and Storage companies; this membership indicates that these movers should be trustworthy, reliable, and dependable.

You will need to stay away from websites like Craigslist, Kijiji, and others where many dishonest movers advertise their services.


  1. Start by reading one-star reviews to get an understanding of customer satisfaction and issues.
  2. Do Your Research on the Movers You’re Considering
  3. Check If The Mover Has Any Professional Certifications
  4. Check the business’ actual address.
  5. Referrals from loved ones can jumpstart your business.

Following these steps is important to avoid any stressful or costly issues on moving day.

Give Moving Butlers A Call

By keeping these tips in mind, you can easily find professional and dependable moving service without any headaches. Give Moving Company Maple Ridge ( Moving Butlers) a call and have a hassle free moving experience. And remember: the cheapest option isn’t always the best one–sometimes it’s worth spending a little more for a stress-free experience. Good luck with your move!


You may be wondering if a winter move is the best option for you. Although many people believe that spring and summer are the prime times to relocate, there are several reasons why a winter move could end up being your best decision yet.

First, winter tends to be a slower season for moving companies, which means you may have an easier time finding availability and potentially even scoring a discount on services.

Additionally, in colder climates, the winter months often bring less unpredictable weather conditions that could potentially delay or complicate a move.

Finally, a winter move can allow you to fully settle into your new home before the busy holidays and entertaining seasons. So don’t let the chilly temperatures deter you – a winter move just might end up being the perfect solution for you.

There Is More Flexibility When You Plan A Winter Move

Although it may seem like a hassle, the logistics of a winter move are actually quite manageable. One advantage to moving in the snow and cold is that you will have plenty of openings for your desired date and time because not as many people want to move then. For example, it is easy to book professional movers during this season because companies usually have less business then. Consequently, take advantage of the opportunities that come with a winter move!

Get More Leverage In The Housing Market In Winter

On the market for a new house? You may want to consider shopping in the winter. Here’s why: With fewer people also out looking, you become a more desirable buyer in the eyes of sellers. This can result in getting your dream home at your dream price – or at least being able to better negotiate to price since they will be more open to hearing lower offers than usual.

Packing for Moving Out in Winter

Plus, packing for a winter move is simplified because you can pack up your summer clothes and other seasonal items to save space. And if you’re hiring movers, they will likely have more availability to help with the heavy lifting in the wintertime.

So don’t let winter discourage you from making a big change – a winter move may just be the best decision for you. With fewer people also on the market, potential discounts from service providers, and fewer weather-related complications – it’s worth considering a winter relocation. Plus, who doesn’t love settling into their new home before the holiday season?

Secure Better Rates With Moving Companies In Maple Ridge

One advantage to moving in the winter is that it tends to be cheaper. You can save money on the cost of your new home and take advantage of lower rates for service from many moving companies in Maple Ridge. These companies often offer incentives during their slower months to help them bring in business, but this also gives you more freedom financially for your move. When you spend less on moving costs overall, you have more left over to put into other aspects of the move like decoration or repairs. Considering how expensive a move can be, such savings are crucial.

Less Competition In The Housing Market

Not as many people are house hunting in the winter, so there is less competition for desirable properties. This can give you an advantage in negotiating a better price or scoring your dream home without having to compete with numerous other interested buyers. It’s also a good time to start searching because sellers may be more willing to negotiate during the slower season.

Less Weather-Related Delays And Complications

Winter weather can certainly present challenges for a move, but it’s not as unpredictable as spring and summer storms. Plus, many moving companies are equipped with special techniques and equipment to handle snow and ice. So although you may have to deal with some chilly temperatures, you won’t have to stress about as many weather-related delays or complications.

The Opportunity To Fully Settle Before The Busy Seasons

A winter move can provide the opportunity to fully settle into your new home before the busy holiday and entertaining seasons. This can help alleviate additional stress during those hectic times, allowing you to fully enjoy your new space and the festivities. It also gives you time to take care of any needed repairs or renovations before hosting family and friends in your new abode.

Why Should You Hire Us For Your Winter Moves

At Moving Company Maple Ridge, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality moving services to our clients. We are a licensed and bonded company, and we go the extra mile to ensure that your belongings are treated with respect. Our team of expert movers is dedicated to providing superior moving and packing service, and we always aim to exceed your expectations.

Our team of movers is all trained to exceptional standards and work diligently every day to guarantee customer satisfaction. We specialize in long-distance moves, office relocations, and more–you can trust us for all your moving needs. For a Maple moving company that puts families first, call us today on 778-802-4045 or visit our website at

Overall, don’t let the colder season discourage you from considering a winter move. There can be many advantages – including potential cost savings, less competition in the housing market, and the opportunity to fully settle before busy times.


We understand that you didn’t decide to leave your home lightly. Moving a long distance is no small task! But with careful planning and organization, it can be a smooth transition for you and your family.

When you’re planning to travel inter-provincially in Canada, there are a lot of details to work out. From packing and moving your belongings to get your affairs in order at home, it’s easy for the whole process to become overwhelming. Therefore, we have decided to share some most important long distance moving to do list items with you. Our goal is to help take some of the stress out of traveling so that you can enjoy your trip.

Hiring a long-distance moving company is the best way to make your moving process as easy as possible. Our moving services are designed with you in mind, and we will do everything we can to ensure that your move goes smoothly from start to finish.

Long Distance Moving To Do List

You should start your moving process two months before you move. This may seem like a lot of time, but starting early will help everything go smoothly. First, get organized behind the scenes.

A digital notebook is a perfect way to store your moving information. This is where you can keep quotes from different companies and then paperwork for the one you select. Having a designated place for this will ensure that you don’t accidentally pack any critical documents.

Additionally, create a folder where you will save all records of your moving expenditures and receipts. This way, come tax season, you won’t have to scramble to find them.

Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind as you plan for your long-distance move:

  • Do pack ahead of time, starting with non-essential items and leaving the essentials until the last minute
  • Do create a comprehensive inventory of your belongings
  • Do label all boxes and keep track of important documents
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to book movers or rental trucks
  • Don’t pack anything perishable or fragile without proper packaging
  • Don’t forget to transfer utilities and update your mailing address.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your long-distance move goes as smoothly as possible.

Long Distance Moving Truck

Determine What Items You Need And What Items You Can Leave Behind

A long-distance move is an opportune moment to declutter your life and make room for new, more sentimental items. To get started, plan a garage sale and fill up a donation box.

Larger pieces of furniture may require special moving equipment; for example, pianos and pool tables are not easy to transport without proper tools.

For any items you’re unsure will fit in your new home, take advantage of our storage services. We’ll keep your furniture or boxes until you have the time and energy to deal with them later. Stay organized by creating a system and sticking to it.

Use a different color for each room in your home to make unpacking much easier. Do this by designating specific colors for certain materials or tasks. This will seem like a lot at first, but it’s worth it in the end. You can find most of what you need lying around the house.

More often than not, liquor and grocery stores have an overflow of boxes. The next time you’re in one of these stores, ask them if they need help getting rid of some boxes; most likely, they’ll give them to you free of charge.

In addition, use your household items as packing materials to save money and space. Your electronics and dishware need protection from drops and jostle, so why not use something you were going to pack anyway? Plus, it’ll save you space in the long run.

As for your mode of transportation from the movers, you are going to hire–whether that’s a moving van or a moving truck.

Even though you have a lot on your plate, don’t forget to schedule a moving company appointment. The last thing you want is to get delay by not planning well and

The sooner you start packing, the less stressed you’ll be. Or, set up a packing service to take care of everything for you.

Packing can be a daunting task, but by doing a little bit each day, it will soon start to feel much faster. Staying up all night before your move is only going to exhaust you more on the big day. Plus, if you get packing done early, you’ll have one less thing to worry about leading up to the moving date.

Let us pack your items for you if you cannot find the time or energy! Our extensive experienced packers guarantee that they will use the space in each box wisely and handle your belongings with care.

Don’t Forget Your Friends

Even if you’re only moving out of the province, it may be a while before you see these friends again. So make sure to spend time with them and throw a final dinner party or going away gathering. Plan ahead so you can have one last hurrah at your favorite bar instead of having to say goodbye on a moving day.

Bring A Bag With You That Has Everything You Need

When you finally get to your new place, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable. Having the ability to take a quick shower or put on clean clothes can make all the difference in how you feel.

Keep your shower curtain and towels easy to find by keeping them accessible. You don’t want to have to search for them when all you want to do is take a shower and go to bed.

Prepare your appliances the day before use so that you’re not scrambling last minute.

Before moving your appliances, take the following preparatory steps: unplug them a day in advance. Set out a towel to catch any water from melting ice cubes in the fridge and freezer section. Dump out any residual water from the washer and dryer.

Take The Time To Truly Enjoy The Moment

Though it may be emotional, saying goodbye to your old home is an important step in moving into a new one. Compile a list of songs that make you happy and listen to them on the drive-over. Or, if you’re feeling sentimental, plan to visit all your favorite places one last time before leaving. And finally, take some deep breaths and remind yourself that though things are changing, change can be really good too.

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