10 Common Myths About Moving Companies

November 20, 2022 Moving News

In our many years of experience as a professional moving company, we have come across several myths that won’t seem to die. If you’re skeptical about hiring moving companies, we understand. Here are the top 10 myths about movers–and why they’re not true.

Top 10 Myths About Using Moving Companies Maple Ridge

Myth #1: Save Money By Moving Yourself.

Many people believe that self-moving is an excellent way to cut costs. And we understand why — relocating can be costly, and it’s easy to want to skimp on certain things.

However, DIY moving still requires funds — sometimes just as much as opting for a professional Maple Ridge moving company from the start.

Picky about which DIY moves to make—after all, the moving truck rental, gas prices, packing materials, and your time and physical energy are all important factors that shouldn’t be ignored.

If you need clarification on whether it’s better to move on your own or use professional Maple Ridge movers, check out our previous moving tips for more information.

Myth #2: Moving Companies Are All The Same

Be wary of conflicting offers from moving companies– some might inflate their services to ask for more money, while others undersell themselves to get the job. Please research a Maple Ridge moving company before hiring them by looking into reviews, testimonials, and prices.

For example, you would want to hire someone other than a Maple Ridge mover who has made local moves for a long-distance relocation. Make sure to do your research ahead of time.

If you need help deciding which questions to ask a potential moving company in Maple Ridge, our moving tips have got you covered!

Myth #3: Moving Companies Are All Scammers

Unfortunately, some dishonest movers out there might try to take advantage of you. For example, they may give you a low estimate upfront and then raise their price once your belongings are on the truck.

Or they might demand payment in cash instead of through official channels. Either way, it’s essentially holding your possessions for ransom.

While it’s unfortunate, cases like this do happen. They are different, though. Much like there are always a few rotten eggs in every profession, spoiling the bunch.

To avoid a situation like this, do your research before hiring anyone. Check their business rating with the Better Business Bureau and read customer reviews on popular sites such as Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List.

Myth #4: Almost Any Box Can Be Used For Packing

Don’t just grab any old box when you move – make sure it’s sturdy! We want your valuables to be protected from being crushed on the truck or break open while being carried.

While some moving companies, such as Maple Ridge Moving Company, provide boxes and other packing materials for your move, you can also find strong moving boxes from various sources.

Myth #5: Movers Can Move Everything

Some belongings are either unsafe or illegal for professional moving companies to transport. Examples of these items are:

• perishable or frozen food items

• plants

• hazardous materials

• explosives or ammunition

• flammable items (such as lighter fluid)

• valuables (such as stock certificates or jewelry)

• pets

Plan ahead by asking your Maple Ridge moving company about any items they may not be able to transport so that you are aware of the situation later.

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Myth #6: Weekends Are The Best Time To Make Your Move

It would be more convenient to move during the weekend, but that’s one of the worst times to do so. Why?

• Difficulty finding moving companies

• compromising on time slot

• rates will increase due to the high demand

By planning your move well ahead of time, you can avoid the weekend chaos and make a weekday move instead.

Can’t decide on the best time of year for your big move? Don’t worry; we have you covered. Check out here: “When Is the Best Time to Move?”

The best time of the year to move is off-season.

Control over your moving date largely depends on external factors, such as how long it takes to sell your current home or when your lease expires. Of course, you can always negotiate with your landlord for an early release from your lease if you need to move sooner.

The most expensive time to move is May through September, but if you plan your relocation for October through April, you could save a good deal of money.

The best time of the month to move is mid-month.

More people move at the beginning and end of each month because most leases start or end around those times. If you have some flexibility when moving to your new place, consider choosing a date in the middle of the month.

You’re more likely to get a lower price on your move if you’re willing to do it during the slower mid-month period.

The best time of the week to move is weekdays.

Moving during the weekdays (Monday through Thursday) is often ideal because Maple Ridge movers are usually booked on weekends.

Lower rates might be available from moving companies during the week. If you don’t see lower rates advertised, ask your movers if they are able to give you a discount for choosing a less busy day.

The best time of the day to move is the morning.

By starting your move early in the morning, you and your movers will be relatively fresh. This is especially important during warmer months when the heat can quickly become unbearable later in the day.

In addition to finishing earlier, an early start also allows you time to settle into your new place and begin unpacking.

Myth #7: Something Always Gets Lost or Broken.

Usually, veteran movers don’t damage or lose any of your belongings during the move. To make sure that your stuff is always handled with care and arrives intact, our Maple Ridge moving teams only use certified methods.

Although accidents are not common, they can happen. Be sure to explore your coverage options with your Maple Ridge movers and your home insurance company so that you have adequate protection against any potential mishaps.

Myth #8: Moving Companies Insurence Protects Everything

Moving companies are legally obligated to provide all their customers with a certain level of basic coverage, but this only applies to $0.60 per pound per article. This might not be sufficient protection if you’re moving high-value items like TVs, jewelry, or designer clothes.

Moving is a stressful enough time – be sure to check that your homeowner’s insurance policy covers you during the move. If you need clarification on something, always ask questions and review your coverage options so that you understand them.

Mark Your Fragile Boxes

Myth #9: There Is No Need To Label Boxes

Yes, it does take a few more minutes to label each box with the corresponding room name. However, you will save time and energy in the long run if everything is sorted beforehand.

A color coding system can be helpful as well. For instance, you could put a green sticker on all boxes containing kitchen items and also place a coordinating sticker in the actual kitchen to guide the Maple Ridge movers.

If you are willing to put in a little extra effort for the organization, it will be helpful to make an inventory of what is in each box (at least the important ones). This way, when you go to unpack, you can reference the list.

Remember to mark your fragile boxes with an indicator!

Myth #10: Moving Is Always Going to be Stressful.

Of all the misconceptions surrounding moving, this is the largest one. With a little pre-planning, your move can be a smooth process. Instead of waiting until the last minute and trying to do everything at once, break it down into smaller tasks that you can complete over time.

Hiring professional moving companies will save you a lot of time, effort, and stress.

Doorways and corners may seem like no big deal, but furniture undoubtedly disagrees. Many factors come into play that the average person is unaware of– clearances, weight distribution, the center of gravity– which is why it’s always best to hire furniture movers or moving companies for the job.

Our office moving checklist is perfect for you if you’re looking to move without any stress! Our list details what needs to be done six to eight weeks before the big day, all the way down to Moving Day itself.

Hire a Maple Ridge Moving Company!

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