Professional Moving Tips To Make Your Move Easy

November 4, 2022 Moving News

The Best Moving Company Maple Ridge

If you are moving to a new place soon, our moving company Maple Ridge is your best choice for a full-service move! We specialize in helping our clients with their moves, and we provide a stress-free moving experience, making us the most popular Maple Ridge moving company. And that  is why we have decided to share our professional moving tips with you.

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Professional Moving Tips From Our Maple Ridge Moving Company

Our full-service movers will provide a hassle-free service that is well-worth the price you pay, and our effective and efficient work has made us a favorite among our customers. As the most popular local moving company in Maple Ridge, we never take our clients’ goodwill for granted.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services as Maple Ridge movers and provide an even better moving experience to our clients. We are determined to be nothing but the best when it comes to long-distance moving, office moving, and residential moving in Maple Ridge. If you are looking to make a move, make sure to reach out to us, and we will explain to you how the move works.

Seasonal Movers Maple Ridge

Your moving experience will change according to what season it is, so make sure to check with us during your move and we will tell you about our seasonal specials for your moving and storage. As the best residential movers in Maple Ridge, we will customize our service so that it suits the time of year that the move happens. At movers Maple Ridge, we also provide containerized moves. Call us to request an estimate for your moving truck, and we will give you all the details you need.

Professional Packers And Movers In Maple Ridge

Our moving company Maple Ridge also works with packing specialists to provide packing services to our clients. Since packing is a tedious task, we are happy to take the burden off your hands. However, if you opt to not hire professional packers for your work, the tips we have given below will be useful to help you pack for your move.

If you are going to move out from Maple Ridge, locally in British Columbia, or long distance to another city in Canada, your moving plans might be now finalized and you are starting to pack your belongings. And even if you are using the services of a professional moving company to complete your moving, you still should prepare a packing inventory list.

It’s good to prepare such a packing list to keep track of all your items that will be moved, just to be on the safe side. You should start preparing your packing list quite well in advance before your moving day so that you have enough time to finish the list. Otherwise, if you try to complete your packing list in a short time while being hasty and arranging other parts of the moving process, there is a possibility that you will miss a few items.

Some Professional Moving Tips For Preparing a Packing List

Packing Checklist

First of all, pick a room of your choice and use it as a starting point. Do not forget to include every piece of furniture, and all the fixtures and fittings that will be moved. Add paintings and decoration pieces to the list, if there are any.

Then, start writing the list. To make a list you can either use your computer or just write it down on a piece of paper. Start by dividing a sheet of paper into four columns.

  • In the first column write the name of each item that will be moved.
  • The second column should contain the estimated value of each item that is listed.
  • In the third column, you can add some notes regarding the condition of the item, as you would want to note its condition before and after it is moved. There is always a possibility of wear and tear during moving and if there are any losses or damages, you can point that out to your moving company.
  • The fourth column is for your reference and should contain the initial location of the item.

A packing list will definitely help you as you will have a better record of your belongings and will be able to track any items down if they go missing.

Moving With A Packing List

Whether you are doing a local move, or whether you are packing for long-distance moving, it is always good to make a packing list, simply because it will make your life so much easier. You should start making your packing list well before the actual moving day so that you have plenty of time to do it.

Otherwise, there is a chance that you will forget a few things if you rush through your packing list while being hurried and preparing other aspects of the moving procedure. Packing and unpacking is never an easy task, but using a packing list will help you make the process as stress-free as possible.

How Should I Make A Packing List?

When your moving day is close, and well before the moving company arrives, choose any room in your house and start there. Remember to add Every single piece of furniture, no matter how small it is, as well as any fittings and fixtures that you will be including in your move. Don’t forget to add decorative pieces and wall hangings to your list.

Tips For Listing Items

The more comprehensive your list, the easier the packing and unpacking process will be for you. You can make your list manually, or type it on your computer. Have four columns in your list.

  • Write the name of each item that you will be moving in the first column.
  • The estimated value of each item should be in the second column.
  • You can write some notes on the item’s state in the third column because you should know how it is both before and after it is moved. Damage is always a possibility when moving, and you can notify your moving company if there are any losses or damages.
  • The starting location of the item belongs in the fourth column.

Why Is A Packing List Important?

Whether you are going for long-distance moving, office moving, or any other mode, having a packing list will make sure that you can keep track of all your items. If any item gets lost in the midst of the move, you can check your records to see what happened to it. It is also good to keep a record of everything in case you need to inform the moving company of any damages.

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