10 Important Things To Do After Moving

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Moving to an unfamiliar city or province can generate a feeling of discomfort where you may not feel included as a part of the new surroundings. This initial sense of discomfort may decrease over time, but it can be challenging during the first few weeks after moving into a new place, particularly if you haven’t enough idea about the actions to take after settling down in the new place.

However, the period after moving doesn’t necessarily have to be challenging. The following list will offer useful tips on what to do after moving into a new home. If you manage your time efficiently, you can avoid any uncomfortable and inconvenient situations. Are you prepared for some helpful checklist items for after your move?

Do you realize that unpacking is the next step, but have you considered discovering the mysteries and other information of your new residence? Though changing your postal address is necessary, have you already searched for reliable healthcare services for your family? It is also important to register your vehicle following a long-distance moving, but shouldn’t you prioritize making new relations?

Things to do after moving?


1. Arrange and manage your post move time

Did your professional movers charge you a fair price for the moving? Once you enter your new home, your post-move period begins. Initially, you’ll likely feel relaxed when the move is completed, and the stress and anxiety have gone.

However, due to the various tasks associated with moving into a new home, you won’t have much time to settle in just yet. Therefore, it is very important to arrange your post-move schedule effectively. Do you remember how your pre-move schedule was used efficiently to complete each and every day’s activities before the moving day? You will need to do something similar now.

You should think about making a fresh checklist that includes all the tasks and things to do after moving. These tasks may relate to your new home or city. Your time is precious, so you cannot afford to waste it unnecessarily. Thus, start working again.


2. Unpack that mountain of boxes 

Packing And Unpacking

One significant difference between unpacking and packing your house for moving is that you can take your time and unpack at a more comfortable pace. Although important, unpacking is a time-consuming activity that must not be underestimated; however, you do not have a near deadline (your moving day) to force you to rush through the process.

It is recommended to unpack the boxes containing essential items first. Afterwards, the containers with labels for the bedroom and bathroom should be opened because these are the two rooms that require immediate setup. Since you might be thinking about taking a quick shower and relaxing on your comfortable bed, it is necessary to prioritize these rooms.

There are so many things to do after moving into a new home. Among them, unpacking should be the first to do. And, the good news is that the unpacking speed of your immediate items is in your hands. 


3. How to know the mysteries of your new residence 

In many situations, the new house will be an unfamiliar place, so it’s time to awaken your inner attention and explore the residence. You should check for any signs of prior damage, examine the pipes for leaks, and keep an eye out for signs of unwelcome pests. Additionally, you must locate the fuse box and the primary water shut-off valve as safeguards during emergencies and read the water and electricity meters.

While exploring the new home, you should observe whether it has been secured against theft and natural disasters. If you have kids, you should ensure that the new residence is child-proofed with great care. Questions to ask yourself during inspection include whether the doors and windows are secure enough, whether smoke detectors are installed, and whether fire extinguishers are on every floor.


4. Change your postal Address. 

Change Your Postal Address After Moving

Furthermore, you have to change your postal address because you move across town or move to a new city in the previous province or move to a new country. This indicates that unless you take prompt measures to change your address, you will receive your normal mail at your old address, which is inconvenient.

Among all the post move tasks, changing your address should not be postponed. The best course of action is to complete it as soon as possible. There are two methods to changing your address: visiting the local post office and filling out a change of address card or doing it online through the Canada post website. Additionally, you should provide some money to the new owners of your previous residence to forward your mail until you get your new postal address.


5. Register your child in a new school. 

If you have recently moved to a new home with your children who are in their school age, it is essential to discover a new school for them to continue their studies without any break. That would be a very important task to do before the moving day. Furthermore, the new school should be a well-respected one, this ensures that your child receives the best possible start to their academic life.

If you did not select a good school for your child before moving into a new home, you must do it now. It is one of the important tasks when you move into a new home which should be completed within the given timeline.  

Initially, you should ask for advice from friends, colleagues, or neighbors regarding which schools are good and which schools to avoid. While online research about schools in your area is beneficial, it is always better to personally visit a few schools with your child, speak to the principal or teachers and you will be able to get a clearer understanding about the education methods, subject and many other things in school. As well as ensure that you have all the necessary documents ready in order to register your child in the school that you prefer.


6. Locate appropriate healthcare professionals.

Find Your New Health Care Provider

It’s impossible to expect how your body and mind will react to the stress of moving to a new location or the environmental conditions of the new city. The problem is that your faithful healthcare provider may no longer be available to examine you or provide treatment if you become ill or require specific medical documents. So, you have to pay your attention to this also.

The next important item on our list for moving into a new home involves searching for a new doctor who can provide healthcare services to you, your family members, and possibly a new vet for your pet. Similar to finding a suitable school, the most effective way of identifying the best healthcare provider is still you need to go through reliable sources.

The basic consideration should always be your individual medical requirements, and the decision between selecting a general practitioner or a specialist should be carefully considered. In addition, the years of experience and the personality of your healthcare provider are significant factors to take into account.


7. Motor vehicle registrations

Was your car transported for you? If you crossed the borders of one or several provinces to reach your new home, do not overlook the fact that you have to register your car and transfer your driver’s license to the new province. However, the positive aspect is that these tasks are relatively easy. Therefore, all you would have to do is to make an appointment with the nearby ICBC office in order to complete these tasks.

In case you are unaware of the location of the nearby ICBC office, you can look it up using the ICBC office finder. You have to be aware that the deadline for registering your motor vehicle in the new province may differ from the previous one, ranging from around 10 days to a complete month. It is better to get in touch with the ICBC office or complete the registration process shortly to avoid punishments.


8. Help your pets to get adjusted to their new surroundings.

Help Your Pet To Get Adjusted After Moving

If you have recently moved with one pet or more pets, there’s no need to worry about what steps to take after moving into a new home. The reason being, the answer is quite easy, that your main concern should be to ensure that your pet is comfortable and adjusting well after a sudden change of environment and leaving their comfort zone. This is also one of the main things to do after moving.

To begin with, it is necessary to thoroughly clean your new home, specifically because pets, particularly dogs and cats, have a high sense of smell. Additionally, you can give your kind attention to your pets by providing for their requirements, engaging in playtime with them more often, and avoiding leaving them carelessly for long durations of time.

However, the most beneficial action you could take for your pet following a relocation to a new residence is to allow them a sufficient amount of time to adapt to their new surroundings. So, it is your duty to keep your eye on them closely and seek professional guidance should any issues remain after a few weeks of moving.


9. Build up new friendships.

The experience of relocating to a new home can be challenging for everyone who is involved. An outcome that may arise from this transition is referred to as “separation anxiety”. The feeling of leaving behind close friends, family, relations as well as neighbors during the move is sufficient to increase feelings of sadness or even depression. Furthermore, it is likely that you have yet to establish connections with people in your new area and build up your new friendships.

Your ability to make new friends is very important to quickly adjust to your new environment after moving into a new home. Consider introducing yourself to your neighbors as a way of getting to know them better. You can also spend time with your colleagues after work and be open to making new acquaintances through unique experiences. You can join a new club, take dance lessons, or look for a hobby that involves engaging with individuals with similar interests. 

However, as you navigate your new surroundings, remember to maintain contact with your old friends by keeping in touch with them. So it will be a reliable way to combat homesickness.


10. Find out more information about your new town or city.

Know About Your New City

Furthermore, what are the other things to do after moving?

It’s recommended that you introduce yourself better with your new city. Besides the essential practical knowledge of locating some important places in the area such as supermarkets, banks, hospitals, post offices, schools, government institutions, and automobile services is much needed. It will help you to gain more familiarity with your new surroundings, and it will be easier to live and work there without any inconvenience.

Try to take regular walks around your vicinity, and then gradually expand to other parts of the city. Take note of some unforgettable landmarks, discover more about the city’s history, and possibly try to understand the locals’ way of life. In essence, explore outside the comfort of your home frequently and aim to foster a friendlier relationship with your recently relocated city.



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